Sunday, April 25, 2010

NEH uses Walters grant application as model

The Walters was recently awarded a grant from the NEH for the
digitization of its English, Dutch, German, Byzantine, Armenian and
Ethiopian Mss. They used the application as a model for next year's

Google Fiber and Digital Manuscripts at The Walters

The manuscript digitization initiatives at The Walters, like Hubble Space Telescope data, were used to bolster Baltimore's campaign in response to the Google Fiber Challenge: check out Behind the Scenes

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Medieval News: Museum's digitization projects offers access to medieval manuscripts

Interview with me by, concerning manuscript digitization initiatives at The Walters

Five poems (quintet), Walters Art Museum, Ms. W.624, fol.203b

This is one of the Walters Art Museum's great masterpieces, and I am glad to get images of it up online

Turning Pages of Ancient Manuscripts

The best place to virtually turn pages of Islamic manuscripts, is at The Walters Art Museum. Just click on a book, and away you go. But remember that Islamic Books read from right to left, and not left to right!
Currently in a holding pattern at 1413 Jordan Street, waiting for a baby and learning how to blog :)

Flickring Medieval Manuscripts

The notion of posting one medieval manuscript image a day onto Flickr for the rest of my working life is immensely appealing, whether or not anyone watches. So farm, people are watching because I tweet about them. But its time I started blogging too. So here goes! I like this one, its a page from a ninth century Koran at the Walters, written in Kufic script with that Typical oblong format.